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The Sundance School's mission is to ignite within the hearts and minds of its students a passion to make the world a better place while inspiring them to become lifelong learners. Kindness, creativity, teamwork, and service are the core values of The Sundance School. A student teacher ratio of 7:1, individualized instruction, curricular rigor, Spanish and Mandarin classes, and a stimulating arts-integrated experience for every child are the foundation of Sundance’s dynamic theme based approach to education. This approach has been the hallmark of its success for four decades.

"Sundance, a school where your child will benefit from rigorous academics, performing and fine arts, Chinese, Spanish and Violin 
instruction.  Our classes are small with an average student to teacher ratio of 7:1. A nurturing, holistic approach to education, where your child will shine."


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  • Second Grade Language Arts Overview

    Second Grade Language Arts Overview

    The Sundance 2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum conforms to the Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS) for Language Arts Literacy. Components of our Language Arts curriculum include Guided Reading, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, […]



  • We’ve had two children go through the preschool program at Sundance. The love and nurturing provided to our boys is unmatched and has led to an incredible transformation in their development. We’ve seen our eldest son flourish from being very shy and timid, to extremely confident and charming. And our youngest son has quickly grown from only being able to communicate with a few words to a very engaging and articulate young man. We are really thankful to The Sundance School for helping our little ones flourish.

    Sofia and Sal Simao, Parents

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