We know that today, your network is everything.

We have created both a Facebook and a LinkedIn Group to help our Sundance Alumni reconnect with each other, broaden their network, and rediscover old friendships. After all, there are no closer connections than where you set your roots.

Alumni Stories

“I would like to inform Jeff & Ginny Tobey that Drue Doman is graduating from the 8th grade at St. James the Apostle in Springfield first in his class. I am very proud of him and Sundance should be as well since his work ethic was developed there…Sundance is one of the best decisions my husband & I have made regarding our children.”

“I am 33 and I still remember Sundance. I remember Mr. Tobey, putting my bare feet in buckets to feel different textures, Moonshadow the parakeet, singing songs along in a circle and playing outside. Thank you for sending all of those birthday cards for years and years. You helped shape my attitude towards school. If I lived in New Jersey, my boys would definitely be at Sundance.”

“It made a lasting impression on me for life! A really enriching place to be when you are a blossoming child. I wish there were more schools like that elsewhere!”

“I am 35 and I have very fond memories of Sundance. I remember going up to the loft to read books.”