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The Sundance School's mission is to ignite within the hearts and minds of its students a passion to make the world a better place while inspiring them to become lifelong learners. Kindness, creativity, teamwork, and service are the core values of The Sundance School. A student teacher ratio of 7:1, individualized instruction, curricular rigor, Spanish and Mandarin classes, and a stimulating arts-integrated experience for every child are the foundation of Sundance’s dynamic theme based approach to education. This approach has been the hallmark of its success for four decades.

"Sundance, a school where your child will benefit from rigorous academics, performing and fine arts, Chinese, Spanish and Violin 
instruction.  Our classes are small with an average student to teacher ratio of 7:1. A nurturing, holistic approach to education, where your child will shine."



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  • The teachers instilled a life-long love of reading and math in our 6.5 year old while allowing her to express her creative and play side through art, stage, and foreign language. We watched our 5 year old transform from a shy toddler to a confident and curious boy who loves making friends and enjoys science and cooking. And we are thrilled to see the excitement in our 2.5 year old, who cant wait to see his teachers on school days. We would recommend Sundance to anyone who is looking for a place, which feels like home to children, who are loved and cherished, and where learning is fun but leads to amazing academic results.

    Jay Lewis, Sundance Parents Association President (2014-2016)

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