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A private school for ages 2 years old through 5th grade.

Since 1977, The Sundance School has provided exceptional pre-school and elementary education programs for children from all areas of New Jersey.

"Sundance, a school where your child will benefit from rigorous academics, performing and fine arts, Chinese, Spanish and Violin 
instruction.  Our classes are small with an average student to teacher ratio of 7:1. A nurturing, holistic approach to education, where your child will shine."
- Dorothy Wilkes, 2nd Grade Teacher



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  • I find myself in a national theatre seating 4000 people waiting to watch Lucas perform on stage with actors who share his drive and passion, and I find myself asking how on earth it came to be? I know that from his first day at 3 years old to his last day in 5th grade at Sundance, that the teachers there undoubtedly guided him to where he is today. It is no accident that not only Lucas but also three other children from Sundance have found professional success in musical theatre. It is the early exposure, the nurturing and the guidance to be what you want to be that allows these children to succeed. If only more schools could tap into children’s talents at such a young age and inspire them to explore their passion. It doesn’t matter if you begin on a stage at 3 holding a Maraca or end on a stage with a Broadway company the fact is you are on a stage where you were born to be!

    Mercedes Schultz, Alumni Parent

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