Dear Sundance Families,

Our kids kindness project of Silly Sock Day has brought a monthlong fundraising  effort to a close.  Back in mid-September when Hurricane Irma swept through and destroyed many homes, schools, and infrastructure, Upper School students discussed the natural disaster.  Chloe Holland, a Sundance friend in the Constellations class from Fanwood, planned on raising funds for Hurricane victims with a lemonade stand at her home the following weekend.  With guidance from her mother and encouragement from her teacher, Ms. Rendòn, Chloe persuaded her classmates to join in the cause.  The children were so enthusiastic and excited to help those in need.

In order to make a meaningful connection for our students, we found a school in an affected area in Lehighimage005
Acres, Florida.  Lehigh Elementary School is a title one school, meaning that there is a high percentage of low income families in the district.  Lehigh Elementary is a state funded school where lunches are provided free of charge for the students.  Lehigh was directly hit by Hurricane Irma.  Classrooms and their contents were destroyed.  As the school rebuilds itself and its community,  the assistant principal has requested that our funds be directed toward replenishing the books that were taken away by the storm.  Sundance students will see their fundraising energy and empathy transform into books for Lehigh students.

With combined effIMG_8606orts and events, like lemonade stands, the orange juice sale and Silly Sock Day, we have raised an impressive $1,130.  Thank you for your contributions and encouragement!

We have partnered with Scholastic books to get the most from our donations. Sundance students from the Moon Room up to the Galaxies recorded their favorite books to compile our order for Lehigh.

Books were delivered last week and our students will begin corresponding with the Lehigh students.  It is our hope that our students’ kindness will create a connection that will maintain throughout this school year.



One small kind idea grew into a movement that will promote and cultivate empathy.  Thank you for supporting your children and the children of Lehigh!

Below you will see the video that Lehigh Elementary sent us to thank us for our efforts!